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beefpart Belly Brisket / Plate / Rib Top bit and rump Shoulder + Chuck Loin Forequarter Forequarter Hindquarter Hindquarter Side Side Hindquarter By-products By-products
  • Beef
    • Hindquarter
    • Top bit and rump
    • Shoulder + Chuck
    • Loin
    • Brisket / Plate / Rib
    • By Products
    • Forequarter
poulpart whole/halved chicken Breast Leg Loin Wing Meat for processing By-products By-products
  • Chicken
    • Breast
    • Whole / Halved Chicken
    • Leg
    • Loin
    • Wing
    • Meat for processing
    • By Products
turkpart whole turkey Breast Leg Wing Meat for processing By-products By-products
  • Turkey
    • Whole Turkey
    • Breast
    • Leg
    • Wing
    • Meat for processing
    • By-products
Sima Gida established in 2005 inTurkey, initially with the aim to produce chicken MDM (mechanically deboned meat) to the domestic sausage and salami producers.
In 2006 we have done our first export. Thanks to our philosophy; continuous customer satisfaction, hard work, modesty and pursuit of excellence, we have received many inquiries for several products of chicken from other countries.
In 2012 due to high demand from our customers we have construct Sima Integrated Chicken Processing and Evaluation Facility. The facility is established in 2012, having capacity of processing 50.000 chickens per day using systems based on total sterility, absence of human involvement and 100% cool chain conditions. Our facility possesses the latest technological equipment and is able to establish and maintain the highest possible quality output and compete efficiently with companies from Europe and America.
Today we export to USA, Spain, England, Austria, Poland, Georgia, Iraq, Iran, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Syria, Libya, Thailand, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Australia, Ghana, Angola, Liberia, Democratic Congo and Congo and many other countries, our large product range such as, whole chicken and whole hen, chicken wings and hen wings, chicken and hen leg quarters, breast fillets, chicken offal groups, chicken MDM, chicken skin, chicken upper back and chicken lower backs, chicken gizzard, chicken necks, chicken liver. We have also production of further processed products such as, chicken franks, hamburgers, chicken nuggets and schnitzels etc.
Sima Gida also owns another integrated facility in İzmir, which is dedicated to produce Beef products, such as green tripe, omasum, pizzle and tendon. We also export these items to all around the world.
We are the preffered chicken suppliers for many hotel groups, restaurant chains and cafes.. So you know you will be dealing a partner who knows your business.